Texas (USA) is the largest state of the United States (except Alaska). This state ist located in the central south of the country. Texas has the nickname "The lone star state". This also testifies to the state flag, which shows a lone star on a blue background. The area of the second largest U.S. state, is along with Vermont the only one who was an independent republic before his allegiance to the United States. Texas is also ranked second in population. Only California has more inhabitants. Texas has 254 counties and is greater than any single state in Europe.

Abilene is located in the deepest interior of Texas, in Taylor County. The city with about 120,000 inhabitants is only about 300 km (190 miles) west of Dallas. Abilene is known in the U.S. for its four well-known universities. The most famous and largest is the Abilene Christian University. The City of Abilene has its own modern regional airport.


Oplin is a small village with about 75 inhabitants. It is located less than a half hour away from Abilene. Oplin is known by the Grand Ole Oplin dance hall, where every Friday night, country and western dance will be held. It goes without saying that such dances take place in Texas only to live music.