To our guests we offer two cottages for rent in a very different way:

The "Potosi House" on the outskirts of Abilene, 10 minutes from the airport.



The "Betcher House" located in the outback near the community Oplin (22 miles from Abilene)

The rural Texas


Holidays in Texas

Abilene, the city, about 190 miles from Dallas and even located right in the deep Texas cowboy country. The city itself offers plenty of opportunities to relax yourself. But there is also a lot of beautiful things surrounding. You're invited to visit numerous villages, or reminiscent of the good old Western times. Not far from Abilene (175 miles) is, for example, a city founded by Germans, called Fredericksburg. Fredericksburg with its unmistakable stamp of German design. Nearby Abilene there are many interesting and historic indoor and outdoor museums. And last but not least in Abilene itself everywhere you come across there are interesting historical traces of the early days. On our huge 187 acre recreational area you still can, if you are lucky find "arrow heads" and other things from the time of the Comanche. Again and again one feels set back centuries into the past through visits to old forts, old towns and villages, such as Mason, Albany, the old town of Abilene, etc., or the legendary Alamo. Anyone looking for the big-city bustle to the rural ambience, the path is easy to Dallas or San Antonio.


  Our private leisure area

We offer direct from our house in Oplin unique outdoor recreational pursuits. 75 hectares (187 acres) are there for hiking, shooting, off-road driving, hunting, fishing, to watch wildlife, such as deer, wild boar or a rich bird life, the world is known for its diversity. We strive to constantly expand our offer. Of course, this area is also available for guests who occupy the "Potosi House".

Make shooting practice! Like to fish or take a bath in a Stocktank?

Riding like a cowboy

On our holiday site in Oplin you can also ride! Currently three horeses are on the ground which can be maintained. The geldings can be ritten if you are used to ride horseback. On request, we can organise you a Cowboy (on your own costs) to learn you ride, he's a real horse wisperer. Oplin by the way has some people with name recognition who have performed very successfully in the rodeo world.



 Stocktank fun bathing

Cooling refreshment, pure nature, wildlife adventures, romantic sunsets, refreshment and snack included.