Climate / the best times for travelling to Texas

Your holiday destination is in a very sunny and warm area. The temperatures are much higher than in Switzerland over the entire year. Snow is rare in winter. The most beautiful holiday season is from March to June and from September to late November. In July and August it is very hot and more likely recommended only for people who love very hot weather. December to February, it is rather cool, that means, it is then often at night to below freezing. The day temperatures are usually above the zero level. It may also invest up to 20 degrees Celsius warm (70 degrees Fahrenheit). However, one can expect warm sunny weather all year almost always. Interesting and an experience are the rare but extreme weather conditions with which one must always expect in Texas.

car rental

The following three companies offer car rental at the Abilene airport:

AVIS:               Telephone 001 325 677-9240

Enterprise:      Telephone 001 325 261-7331

Hertz:              Telephone 001 325 673-6774

Of course, we can offer our help arranging a hire car.


Other activities / attractions



 Entry requirements to the U.S.

Following are the requirements for a visa-free entry into the U.S.:

  • You are a citizen of a member country of the visa waiver program:

              (Switzerland, Germany, Austria are countries participating in the visa

               waiver program)

Tips for Air travel

No matter where you come from, the last Airport before Abilene is usually Dallas Forth Worth. Then you reach Abilene easy with a short flight. If you wanna drive from Dallas to Abilene of course you have this possibility to rent a car in Dallas. It takes you about 3 1/2 hours by car.

If desired, and if possible, you will be picked up at the Abilene airport.